All of the Informed Health Choices learning resources are created to teach or present Key Concepts.

COVID-19 relevant resources

Informed COVID-19 Choices 
A collection of freely available resources that can help people think critically about health choices during the pandemic. Also for use by young people, in or outside of the classroom.


IHC Podcast for parents – Uganda
We created the Informed Health Choices (IHC) podcast to teach the parents of primary school children in Uganda to assess claims about treatment effects and to make informed health choices, and evaluated it in a randomised trial where it was shown to have a large positive effect. Podcast available in English or Luganda.

Parents making Informed Heath Choices – USA
In seven episodes, this podcast uses stories to illustrate how parents might think carefully about treatment choices and provides examples of what questions people might ask. Based on the IHC Key Concepts and created for an American audience, by Vanesa Ringle, University of Miami.

Web sites 
The Key Concepts adapted to 14 different domains: educational, environmental, agricultural, economic, health, international development, management, nutrition, planetary health, policing, social welfare, speech and language therapy, and veterinary interventions.

iHealthFacts is a resource where the public can quickly and easily check the reliability of a health claim circulated by social media, for example: “Do pets spread Covid-19?”. Answers include links to the underlying evidence and to relevant Key Concepts.


Students 4 Best Evidence blog series
Students 4 Best Evidence believe these Key Concepts are vital to help them think critically about the treatment claims they’re exposed to daily and were keen to raise awareness of them. As such, a group of over 10 students has prepared a series of 34 blogposts, one to explain and elaborate upon each of the Key Concepts in the 2016 version. Other teams are translating the blog series to PortugueseGerman, Spanish, Croatian and Dutch. (We will link to translations when they are completed).

Oh Really? 12 things to help you question health advice
This blog series written by Evidently Cochrane (Cochrane UK) builds on the Key Concepts. Each blog highlights something important to consider when you’re faced with health claims.


Key Concepts Health, primary school
Key Concepts Health, secondary school

Additional resources

Teachers of Evidence-based Health Care
This website provides a platform for the global sharing of learning resources for teaching and learning Evidence-Based Health Care (EBHC).