Summary of Findings (SoF) tables present the key findings of what is known about the effects of treatments based on systematic reviews of the best available evidence. They are tables that include an estimate of the size of the effect of a treatment on each of the most important outcomes of interest and an assessment of the certainty of the evidence for each of those estimates. SoF tables have been shown to be useful and understandable [Rosenbaum 2010a], and to improve understanding and rapid retrieval of key information [Rosenbaum 2010b].

Interactive SoF (iSoF) tables improve understanding and use of evidence of the effects of healthcare interventions by allowing producers of iSoF tables to tailor a presentation to a target audience and users to interact with the presentation by viewing:

• More or fewer outcomes
• More or less information about each outcome
• Information about the effects as numbers, words or graphs
• Cursor over explanations and links to more detailed explanations of basic concepts and specific content.

Because the information is layered, iSoF tables enable users to quickly get the gist of the key findings, to obtain more detailed accurate information when it is wanted, to get explanations of information when this is needed, and to dig deeper, for those who want to do so.