Our network

The IHC network consists of people around the world who are developing, evaluating, or contextualising IHC resources.

We are an international, multidisciplinary group with decades of shared experience in research methods, health services research, medicine, public health, epidemiology, design, education, communication, journalism, and other disciplines.

The IHC Network is coordinated by the IHC group in the Centre for Epidemic Interventions Research (CEIR) at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.


Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University, Gold Coast

Leila Cusack, PhD candidate
Leila is a medical doctor, PhD candidate and researcher with an interest in public health and epidemiology.

Loai Albarqouni, Assistant professor
Loai is a clinical epidemiologist and NHMRC Emerging Leader Fellow. His research interests include evidence-informed decision-making, effective non-drug interventions in primary care, and overdiagnosis and overuse of healthcare services in limited resources settings.

Tammy Hoffmann, Professor of clinical epidemiology
Tammy is a researcher with interests in engaging patients and the public in sharing in informed decision-making about their healthcare, improving the quality of research evidence, and making evidence-based practice and evidence implementation easier for clinicians.

National Clinical Evidence Taskforce, Melbourne

Claire Beecher, Operations manager
Claire is a midwife and researcher with a focus on evidence synthesis and living guideline development.


Institute of Education Research and Teacher Education, University of Graz, Graz

Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera, Professor
Barbara is a clinical psychologist and researcher on inclusive education. She researches strategies to improve inclusive schools and to promote health literacy for all students.


Belgian Center for Evidence Based Medicine, Leuven

Martine Goossens, Staff member
Martine has a master’s degree in Romance philology, is translator and writer of medical scientific texts. She has built up solid experience in the field of Evidence Based Medicine.


Multidisciplinary Health Institute, Federal University of Bahia, Vitória da Conquista

Joana Bisol Balardin, Researcher
Joana research interests span the interface between health, education, and neuroscience. She was primarily responsible for translating and testing the IHC primary school resources in Brazil.

Marcio Galvão Oliveira, Associate professor
Marcio is a clinical pharmacy and evidence-based health care professor. As a researcher, he focuses on the engagement and quality of care for older patients.

Department of Epidemiology / Institute of Social Medicine, University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Paulo Nadanovsky, Professor
Paulo is a public health dentist, researcher, and Professor of public health, who has studied evidence-based health care with a focus on overdiagnosis and overtreatment for over 30 years.

Department of Community and Preventive Dentistry, School of Dentistry, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Ana Paula Pires dos Santos, Associate professor
Ana is a paediatric dentist, associate professor, and researcher with a focus on methods of evidence synthesis and teaching evidence-based healthcare.


Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact Department, Hamilton

Qi Wang, PhD candidate
Qi is a researcher with a focus on health-system guidance implementation, evidence-informed decision-making in health and social systems, and practice guideline methodological approaches.

Sara Moradi, MSc student
Sara is a dentist and researcher. She is currently studying Health Research Methodology at McMaster University. Her primary interest is promoting evidence-based practice. She was involved in the translating the IHC material into Persian for children in Iran.


Epistemonikos Foundation, Santiago

Gabriel Rada, Director
Gabriel is the co-founder and director of Epistemonikos Foundation, an organisation that combines technology and collective intelligence to support evidence-informed decision-making in health.

Juan Vásquez, Chief technology officer
Juan is a software engineer who has contributed to the development of evidence synthesis tools for over 10 years.

José Damián Garrido Muñoz, Software developer
Damian is a senior software developer. He has been working in different areas (public and private sector) bringing fast and easy solutions to several problems.


School of Basic Medical Sciences, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou

Yaolong Chen, Professor
Yaolong is a methodologist, mainly developing practice guidelines and reporting checklists. His main research interests include bringing the concepts and methods of evidence-based medicine to the social sciences and translating knowledge for the public and patients.

Xuan Yu, PhD candidate
Xuan has a multidisciplinary research background in sociology, global health, evidence-based medicine, and the history of medicine. Currently, Xuan’s research interests include evidence-based social sciences, evidence-informed decision-making, and policy briefs.

School of Public Health, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou

Ling Wang, Master’s student
Ling’s research interests include epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, and methodologies for clinical practice guidelines.

Di Zhu, Master’s student
Di’s main areas of research include evidence-based medicine, epidemiology, and clinical practice guideline methodology.


University of Split School of Medicine, Split

Tina Poklepović Peričić, Teacher/Researcher
Tina is a dentist, a teacher and a researcher mostly engaged in meta-research and systematic reviews, interested in applying evidence-based principles in research and in clinical practice.

Shelly Melissa Pranić, Assistant professor
Shelly is a public health and health services researcher who works with local community members as well as stakeholders in clinical research. Her research seeks to help children interpret health information and report about the quality of patient data used in medicine.

Diana Aranza, Senior lecturer
Diana’s interests are in nursing, public health, health education.


Innovation, Data and Experiments in Education (IDEE)/Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), Paris School of Economics, Paris

Lou Aisenberg, Manager
Lou oversees developing new partnerships, training, and resources to promote evidence generation and use in education in France. Prior to joining J-PAL Europe, she worked as a programme manager at the Education Endowment Foundation, and as a policy analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

R&D Department, Learning Planet Institute – Université Paris Cité, Paris

Ignacio Atal, Researcher
Ignacio has a background in public health but is conducting research in educational sciences over the past 4 years. He studies strategies to engage educators in a collaborative production of evidence from their own practices.


Institute of Health and Nursing Science, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Halle (Saale)

Anke Steckelberg, Assistant director
Anke is a researcher in the field of health and nursing science. Her research aims to support people to make informed choices by focusing on evidence-based information and competence trainings.

Jana Hinneburg, Researcher
Jana is a researcher with a focus on critical health literacy and evidence-based health information.

Julia Lühnen, Research fellow
Julia is a nurse and health scientist and is working in the field of evidence-based health information and informed decision-making.


Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine Unit, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki

Apostolos Tsapas, Director
Apostolos is a clinician and researcher interested in the methodology and implementation of all aspects of the decision-making process, from outreach to children to production & implementation of evidence-based guidelines.

Eleni Bekiari, Associate professor
Eleni is a clinician and researcher interested in the conduct and implementation of evidence syntheses for clinically relevant questions in every-day clinical practice.

Aris Liakos, Consultant in Internal Medicine
Aris has a background in teaching clinical research methodology and is an evidence-based medicine enthusiast.


Cochrane Iran

Pouria Iranparvar, Dentist
Pouria is a dentist and researcher from Iran. He is interested in public health and evidence.

Maryam Shakiba, Dentist
Maryam is a newly graduated dentist with a background of research and work in public health and evidenced-based dentistry.


Centre for Health Research Methodology, University of Galway, Galway

Declan Devane, Centre director
Declan is a nurse and midwife and works on improving the processes for how we plan, do, and share the findings of randomised trials and evidence syntheses.

Health Research Board – Trials Methodology Research Network (Ireland), University of Galway, Galway

Sandra Galvin, National programme manager
Sandra manages a national research network in Ireland which aims to improve how clinical trials are carried out, through a portfolio of work including funding research, providing training, education, and support, and public engagement and involvement activities.

School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Galway, Galway

Linda Biesty, Associate professor in midwifery
Linda is a midwife and researcher. She is passionate about understanding how we help people, and children in particular, to learn how to recognise and assess health information.

Patricia Healy, Academic/Researcher
Patricia is a Lecturer in Midwifery and Nursing with a passion for engaging health care students in critically assessing the evidence that informs their practice.

Marie Tierney, Postdoctoral researcher
Marie is a researcher who works to improve peoples’ ability to think critically about health information and make better informed health choices.

College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences, University of Galway, Galway

Mengqi Li, PhD student
Mengqi is a researcher and PhD student. Her current research is called Informed Health Choices-Cancer (IHC-C), which is built on the IHC Key Concepts initiative, aiming to provide those impacted by cancer with the skills and knowledge necessary to think critically about the reliability of cancer-related treatment claims and make informed choices.

CBS Primary School, Ennis

Dara Glynn, Head teacher
Dara works with children every day and completed his research master’s on contextualising the Health Choices Book to the Irish curriculum.


Associazione Alessandro Liberati Cochrane Afíliate Centre, Florence

Camilla Alderighi, Board member
Camilla is a cardiologist, interested in finding ways to spread critical health literacy and proper health communication.

Raffaele Rasoini
Raffaele is a cardiologist, interested in finding ways to help people develop critical thinking about health science.

Laboratory for medical research and consumer involvement, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS, Milan

Paola Mosconi, Head of laboratory
Paola is a senior researcher involved in projects pertaining the involvement and partnership of lay people and consumer-patients associations in health care, information and outcome research.

Department of medical epidemiology, Istituto Di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri IRCCS, Milan

Cinzia Colombo, Researcher
Cinzia is a researcher in the field of health communication, methods of citizen and patient involvement in research, training activities and dissemination of medical information.


Tropical Institute of Community Health and Development, Kisumu, Kenya

Margaret Kaseje, Professor
Margaret is a policy and public health specialist with more than 20 years of experience in senior management.

Faith Chesire, PhD candidate
Faith is currently a PhD fellow in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.

Benson R. N. Ngatia, Research assistant
Benson is a statistician and researcher, bringing in vast knowledge and experience in field data collection, data management, and analysis that help in measurement of the application and effect of critical thinking in day to day decision making in health.

Marlyn Ochieng, researcher
Marlyn is currently a researcher in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.


Cochrane Associate Centre, Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital, Culiacan

Giordano Pérez-Gaxiola, Director of the Cochrane Associate Centre
Giordano is a paediatrician and researcher with an interest in children infectious diseases, vaccines, and health literacy.


Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa), Leiden

Eric Barends, Managing director
Eric is the managing director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management. He advises managers, senior leaders, and executive boards of companies and non-profit organisations on evidence-based decision-making.

New Zealand

Nga Raukohekohe Mental Health Centre, Counties Manukau Health, Pukekohe

Adib Essali, Consultant psychiatrist
Adib is a psychiatrist with a background of neuroscience. He has been learning and teaching the principles of shared decision making for over 30 years. He has written Cochrane Reviews and conducted workshops aimed at helping people make informed health choices.


Centre for Epidemic Interventions Research (CEIR), Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo

Atle Fretheim, Director of CEIR
Atle is a physician and health systems researcher whose research focuses on global health, methods for evaluating health service interventions, and use of research in policymaking.

Christine Holst, Researcher
Christine is a social scientist with a focus on digital solutions to increase health knowledge and health literacy.

Simon Lewin, Senior researcher
Simon is a physician and health systems researcher from Zimbabwe with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Jenny Moberg
Jenny is a public health physician and researcher. She researches strategies to help people use research evidence when they make decisions about health.

Heather Munthe-Kaas, Researcher
Heather is a researcher with a focus on improving research communication, collaboration with stakeholders, and systematic review methodological approaches.

Andrew Oxman, Research director
Andy is a public health physician and researcher who has studied ways of helping people to make informed health choices for over 30 years.

Matt Oxman, PhD candidate
Matt is a health researcher and journalist who has worked on the Informed Health Choices project since 2014, with a focus on science communication.

Sarah Rosenbaum, Researcher
Sarah is a designer and design researcher, bringing methods from design practice into health research, with the aim of making it easier for people to use reliable information when making healthcare decisions.

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), Oslo

Marie Moland Gaarder, Executive director
Marie is a development economist who has dedicated her career to exploring institutional approaches to making international development policies and programs more evidence-informed rather than just informed by good intentions.

Faculty of Health Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo

Astrid Dahlgren, Associate professor
Astrid is primarily responsible for the development and evaluation of the CLAIM measurement tools as part of the IHC project.

Ida-Kristin Ørjasæter Elvaas, PhD candidate
Ida-Kristin is a systematic reviewer who currently focuses on the evaluation of learning resources based on key concepts from the IHC framework.

InfoDesignLab, Oslo

Angela, Morelli, CEO – co-founder
Angela Morelli is an award-winning Italian information designer based in Norway. Her goal is to co-design engaging visual solutions that empower audiences and support informed decision-making.

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Bergen

Claire Glenton, Professor
Claire is a researcher with a particular interest in systematic review methodology, including methods for disseminating the results of systematic reviews and methods for synthesising qualitative research.

Lena Nordheim, Assistant professor in evidence-based practice
Lena is a librarian and teacher in evidence-based practice. Her research interests include ways of enhancing young people’s abilities in critically appraising health claims in the media and elsewhere.


Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow

Malgorzata M. Bala, Researcher, Head of the department
Malgorzata is a public health physician and epidemiologist, with a focus on systematic reviews and practice guidelines and their use in decision making, also involved in teaching students how to use evidence in decision making in healthcare.

Anna Prokop-Dorner, Researcher
Anna is a medical sociologist and psychologist. She is interested in cultural determinants of health behaviours and the application of qualitative methodology in the field of health.


School of Public Health, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Rwanda, Kigali

Michael Mugisha, PhD fellow
Michael is currently a PhD fellow in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.

Clarisse Marie Claudine Simibi, Researcher
Clarisse is currently a researcher in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.

Laetitia Nyirazinyoye, Senior Lecturer
Laetitia is in the Department of Community Health, with expertise in qualitative and mixed methods.

Health Unit/RBF Malaria Rwanda Development Organization, Kigali

Aline Ikirezi, District coordinator
Aline is a public health specialist.

South Africa

Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town

Celeste Naude, Associate professor
Celeste is a registered dietitian and researcher. She focuses on synthesizing nutrition and health evidence and supporting the use of best evidence for policy and practice decisions, with the aim of improving nutrition and other sustainable development outcomes.

Anel Schoonees, Senior lecturer
Anel is a teacher in evidence-based health care, involved in the design and implementation of an existing renewed MBCHB curriculum to undergraduate students. She has a background in nutrition and has a special interest in the quality of health intervention research reporting in South African mass media.


Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre – Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute, Barcelona

Pablo Alonso-Coello, Researcher
Pablo is a family practice physician and researcher with a focus on improving health-care decision-making for different types of stakeholders, including guideline developers, clinicians, and patients.

Laura Martínez García, Researcher
Laura is a physician specialised in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. She explores how Spanish children can learn to assess treatment claims and make informed health choices using the IHC resources.

Epidemiology and Public Health Department, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona

Laura Samsó Jofra, Researcher
Laura is a physician specialised in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. She is currently developing her doctoral thesis, which aims to explore and improve how critical thinking about health is taught in Spanish primary schools.


Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Kampala, Uganda

Allen Nsangi, Researcher
Allen was primarily responsible for development and testing of the IHC primary school resources in Uganda. She is currently a researcher in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.

Daniel Semakula, Researcher
Dan was primarily responsible for development and testing of the IHC podcast in Uganda. He is currently a researcher in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.

Esther Nakyejwe, IHC project coordinator
Esther is a health researcher using health research methods in an educational setting to expand people’s ability to critically assess health information and make informed health decisions.

Nelson Sewankambo, Professor
Nelson previously was Dean of the School of Medicine and the first Principal of the College of Health Sciences.

Ronald Ssenyonga, PhD fellow
Ronald is currently a PhD fellow in CHOICE – a project to develop and evaluate digital IHC secondary school resources in East Africa.

United Kingdom

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford

Iain Chalmers, Associate tutor
Iain is a founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, Testing Treatments interactive, the James Lind Initiative, and the James Lind Library.

Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, Oxford

Jeffrey K Aronson, Honorary consultant physician and clinical pharmacologist
Jeff is a hospital doctor who teaches and does research into ways in which medicines should be chosen and best used for the prevention and treatment of medical problems and into the unwanted effects that medicines can cause.

Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham

Marnie Brennan, Associate professor of epidemiology, Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine
Marnie is a veterinarian researcher-educator, working with vets, vet nurses and animal owners to identify relevant research questions, as well as helping to facilitate the use of research findings in clinical practice.

Collaboration for Environmental Evidence, Conwy

Andrew Pullin, Executive officer
Andrew is an environmental scientist who co-founded the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence to promote and support evidence synthesis to inform decision making in environmental management.

Education Endowment Foundation, London

Jonathan Sharples, Professorial research fellow
Jonathan is a research broker who works with schools and policy makers to develop evidence-informed practice in education.

Health Services Research Unit, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen

Shaun Treweek, Professor of health services research; Equality, diversity and inclusion lead, Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Shaun is a trial methodologist with a focus on improving the way randomised trials are designed, run, and reported.

Beatriz Goulao, Research fellow
Beatriz is a health services researcher and statistician. She uses participatory methods to enhance the relevance and communication of health data and evidence to patients and healthcare professionals.

School of Education, Durham University, Durham

Steve Higgins, Professor of education
Steve is a former primary school teacher and education researcher interested in how children’s thinking and reasoning develops. He also developed the Education Endowment Foundation’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit which aims to support practitioners use evidence in their decision-making.

United States

Dartmouth Institute, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Steven Woloshin, Professor of medicine
Steven’s work focuses on improving the communication of health and medical evidence to physicians, journalists, policymakers, and the public to help them see through excessive fear and hope created by exaggerated and selective reporting in medical journals, advertising, and the news.

Department of Education and Human Services, Lehigh University, Bethlehem

Vanesa Mora Ringle, Assistant professor
Vanesa is a bilingual, interdisciplinary health services researcher and clinical psychologist.

Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Robert F Boruch, University trustee chair professor
Robert’s research focuses on issues in program evaluation, including statistical methods, ethics, incentives, political institutional challenges, use of results, and failure analysis.

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