The problem and our solution

Good health depends on people making good choices. Good choices depend on people’s ability to understand and judge the trustworthiness of relevant health information. Many lack these skills and do not have easy access to reliable information. Teams around the world collaborate on the Informed Health Choices project, to develop, evaluate and scale up the use of effective learning resources to enable people to think critically about health claims and make informed choices, including resources for use in schools and podcasts.

Podcast for parents


Parents making Informed Heath Choices – USA
In seven episodes, this podcast uses stories to illustrate how parents might think carefully about treatment choices and provides examples of what questions people might ask. Based on the IHC Key Concepts and created for an American audience, by Vanesa Ringle, University of Miami.

Contextualising the IHC podcast
Two main studies made up the US contextualization research project. In Study 1, we assessed the current critical thinking abilities of US parents and undergraduate students.

In Study 2, we developed, user-tested, and conducted an online randomized controlled trial of the Parents Making Informed Health Choices podcast, the US adapted version of the original IHC podcast.

Doctoral dissertation based on this work:
Developing and Testing the Effects of an Educational Podcast to Improve Critical Appraisal of Healthcare Claims.

Contact: Vanesa Ringle



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